9/11 conspiracy

The 9/11 conspiracy

By Phil / On Jul.05.2017 / In / Width 0 Comments

Having joined Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) not long ago, I decided to write this blog post on the attack on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York, and the conspiracy theory that surrounds it. What has this got to do with house plans? not much! only this important event involved an apparent building failure, and if architects and engineers do not give their opinion regarding such matters, how can the wider public be expected to form theirs?

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How to design your dream home? (Part 13)

By Phil / On Sep.27.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

We've got to the last post in our blog series. After thirteen weeks we've taken 5 sketches and developed 5 schemes, so finally, we return to complete the deconstruction style house. Does anyone build houses in this style? Well, probably not, but it would be interesting to see none-the-less, variety is the spice of life.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 12)

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We left the design of our Corb inspired early modernist house in week 7 of this blog series. The rear elevation had always been a bit of a problem, and I was still not entirely satisfied with it, a problem with it being not quite symmetrical or visually balanced. I had toyed with removing the curved stair and ground floor column in the intervening weeks, but I also needed to finish up and thought the project was complete enough to start the modelling of the window glazing.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 11)

By Phil / On Sep.16.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

I’ll post the remaining parts in this blog series in quick succession as some of the scheme designs don’t require much work to finish off. We left the design in contemporary style back in week 6, the concept revolved around a three storey, four bedroom town house, suitable for a relatively narrow lot. The site width being 14m, the building width 10m.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 10)

By Phil / On Sep.13.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

This week I returned to the Mediterranean style design, and pretty much followed the same procedure as with the traditional style I worked on last week. The plan and envelope was more or less fixed in week 5, I just needed to follow through with the finer details, fix the window style, the eaves details, roof tiles and ridges, the garage doors and external steps, most of which follow some precedent for the building type, so are not really hard design decisions to make, but they can be quite fiddly to model.

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